EXTREME BOOST – Bulking/Ripening

Size and Weight Guaranteed

Heavy fruiting and flowering plants require higher levels of Phosphorus and Potassium (PK) for larger blooms. Flower stimulants, like Professor’s Flower Boost, is ideal to use in the early bloom stage to encourage flower growth and bud onset. As plants approach the final phase, a more concentrated and balanced PK is needed to achieve larger, harder and more dense flowers, creating heavier yields.

The Professor’s Extreme Boost does just this, and takes it to the next level by providing very high amounts of pure PK exactly when the plant demands it. It uses high grade minerals in extreme concentrations, aiding and accelerating the final ripening and bulking process in fruits and flowers, to ensure you get the most out of your yield.

Extreme Weight increases of more than 20% are commonly reported!

• Creates harder flowers with more bud weight
• Accelerates the ripening process
• Extreme PK levels for faster reaction
• Increased brix levels and resin production

Hydroponics : Use 2gms per 4L of nutrient solution
Soil : Use 2gms per 4L of nutrient solution

Extreme Boost should only be used in the last 2-3 weeks before harvest
1 x Scoop into 35L (Scoop Provided)

Available in 500gms, 1kg and 2.5kg