First established in the early 1990’s, Professor’s was formulated specifically for high yielding hydroponics and quickly became a favourite in the hydroponic scene.

We wanted to make a complete hydroponic range that not only worked, but compatible with any other feeding program. More importantly, it was also created for Australian growers, with Australian conditions in mind. With a lot of patience and hard work, the team has dedicated many years studying and field testing each product to achieve the best outcome. Until a product showed exceptional results, it was not given the tick of approval.

Our goal was simple – create a range that guaranteed powerful results, was of premium quality, and straightforward to use.

Continuing on from the success of our plant nutrient, the brand has evolved to include a range of high quality additives for maximum performance; ranging from a single nutrient, to products designed for propagation, deficiency prevention, root growth, vegetative and flowering boosters and enhancers.

The team has developed two impressive products for the propagation stage – Cloning Accelerator and Starter Soak, both aimed at giving your plants the best possible start. Go Green has taken the industry by storm, rated as one of the most effective repairer of plant deficiencies on the market. This was closely followed by the release of Go Roots, formulated with fulvic and humic acids, and a systemic fungicide, which allows for massive root growth and protection against root disease. Go Roots stands to be Australia’s most concentrated root enhancer on the market, making it the most cost effective available. Plants need a boost? We’ve also got you covered in the vegetative stage with Grow Fast, a nitrogen based product that accelerates your plants growth, and in the blooming stage, with Flower Boost and Extreme Boost, which are scientifically proven to increase your yield.

The hydroponic industry is constantly evolving, and we like to keep up to date with what is current by aiming to have products which are on point and relevant. What makes our team at the Professor’s unique is our willingness to work with and listen to the growers. Once each product has been lab tested and created, our team is actively involved in ensuring each product delivers superior results. As you continue to garden, our team will continue to research and develop, bringing new and exciting products to your local retail store.

The biggest reward and most satisfying aspect of manufacturing is receiving positive feedback. Anyone in retail can sell a product, but what brings the customers back are products that work.

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